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Use our REST API to send envelopes and see who's signed your documents. Create webhooks to get notified as people sign. With these tools, you can integrate eSign into your platform seemlessly, at a scalable price.

WaiverStevie PDF to eSignature

The Universal Document

Turn a standard PDF
into a signable form

WaiverStevie's Annotation Tool allows you to markup a PDF with places for people to sign, date, and add other information. No special document needed.

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WaiverStevie request eSignatures in bulk

Multiple Signers

Support for multiple signers on a single document

People sign in order, just like a physical document. If you need, we can let the next signer know when its his turn to sign. And we save encrypted copies at every point in the signature process.

WaiverStevie Multiple Signers
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WaiverStevie configure webhook

The most competitive esign platform

Unbeatable price points

Don't take our word for it. See how expensive our competitors API plans are. Our price points allow you to grow your business.

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